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Governor Makinde — “I’ll Constitute my Cabinet in Two Weeks”

by John Ojewale
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Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde has announced that he will form his cabinet within the next two weeks and that the House of Assembly would be notified of the nominations of any additional commissioners. The governor also insisted that one of the major industries that would propel the state’s economy will be tourism.

He claims that in order to improve the effectiveness of the current ministries, the government would decouple the Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism.

One commissioner will now lead the Ministry of Information, while a different commissioner will lead the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, according to Governor Makinde, who provided these suggestions in his official newsletter yesterday.

According to him, the decoupling would increase the number of ministries in the state from 17 during the first tenure to 18.

Governor Makinde also said that, as promised, the Light-Up Oyo streetlights, which had been inactive for a few weeks, are back on. He clarified that the project will first rely on diesel generators before switching to the existing tribrid power system, which uses the 11MW Independent Power Project (IPP) as its primary source of energy and gas generators and inverters as a backup.

Governor Makinde’s statement partly reads:

“For me, having sent the first batch of commissioner nominees to the Oyo State House of Assembly, I know I now have just about two weeks to send the names of the rest of the nominees and have my cabinet in place.”

“This promise will be kept just as all other promises we have made to the good people of Oyo State. You may have noticed that the street lights are coming back on as promised.”

“We will continue to use the diesel generators to power the street lights for now so that our people can get the benefits of this infrastructure while we work on finally moving them to the tribrid power system – the 11MW Independent Power Project (IPP, which is ongoing) as the main source of power with gas generators and inverters as a backup.”

“One of the other things we are going to do is to ensure that all our ministries function optimally. As you already know, Tourism is one of the sectors that we will be focusing on during this tenure to drive our economy.”

“We will be decoupling the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism. So, we will have the Ministry of Information headed by one commissioner, while another will head the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.”


cc: Vanguard Ng

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