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How To Identify a Mommy’s Boy.

by Frederick Akinola
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To put it simply, a Mommy’s boy is an adult male who is excessively close to his mother so much so that she has an extraordinary influence over him. However, you do not identify a Mommy’s boy at first sight. And before you can tell that a man is one, you may have invested so much time and energy in the relationship already. So what signs should you look out for to quickly identify a Mommy’s boy? Here are a few signs:

He tells his mother virtually everything. Whatever happens in his life, whatever he has heard somewhere he tells his mother first. And he will tell her things before he tells you. Yes, sometimes he’ll tell her things he’d never tell you.

His mom’s opinions are always the best.

So you’d always hear phrases like ‘Mom said, Mom would say, Mom, said it’s better to‘. His mother might not live with you but will have an overwhelming presence on the affairs of your home through her opinions. He most likely doesn’t ever stand up to her. Meanwhile, you’re the jagaban of your house, you’re used to standing up for yourself with your parents. It can feel a lot like he is dragging you back.

In her presence, he shrinks from an adult to a child. He suddenly doesn’t have the hefty presence he used to have. And his demeanour is now that of a teenager. It’s always ‘Mom can you do this’, ‘Mom can you do that’, ‘Mom let me do this or let me do that’.

Your cooking will never compare to that of his Mom. No matter how nice your food tastes there’s always going to be a way he’ll suggest you do things differently: the way his mother usually does. ‘My mom fries her onions longer’; ‘Mother never parboils her rice, she says you throw away all the nutrients. His mother basically sets the standard of what good food tastes like.
In picking out a Mommy’s boy, the foregoing signs may not rear their heads all at once; but if they surface even in little ways be sure that you’re dealing with a Mamas boy.

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