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frozen fruits

Perhaps you consume a lot of fruits and don’t find it easy to always go to the fruit market to get some every few hours or maybe your garden has the habit of producing way more than you expect and you are worried about the fruits going to waste, since you can’t eat them all at once.

Here’s something for you; you can keep the fruits fresh and not worry about it getting bad or going to waste. In this article we’ll be discussing ways to keep fruit fresh.


This is the simplest and probably the most convenient way to keep your fruit fresh all year long. Pop them in the freezer and when you take them out to eat or use for whatever purpose, that are as good as new. Pro tip, frozen fruits tastes twice as great as regular temperature fruits.


Vinegar helps to kill any mold that would want to form on your fruits, there by keeping them fresh. Just make sure you wipe down or wash your fruit with vinegar and store them in a clean container that you have previously lined with paper towels so that absorbs excess moisture from the fruit making it last longer.


Lemon juice contains antioxidants making it just the thing to keep your fruits fresh whilst keeping the color intact. Simply put, antioxidants are substances that slow down the various chemical reactions in your fruits that makes it go bad. Just have lemon juice at hand and you are ready to go.

Most people make the mistake of


fruits in air tight jar

Storing their fruits in plastic bags that allow air to come in, starting the decomposition process. Airtight jars are perfect for keeping fruits fresh as they keep the air out. Just wash your fruits in water and make sure to dry them properly (wet fruits attracts mold) before putting them in airtight jars and sealing them.

There you have it. Now you can buy all the fruit you can eat and not be worried about retaining their freshness or don’t have to worry about what to do with all the extra berries your garden decided to sprout up.

What other preservation methods are tested and trusted for you?

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