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How To Know She No Longer Loves You.

by Frederick Akinola
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There is no perfect relationship. After a while, the relationship gets boring and it feels like your partner no longer loves you. No matter how beautiful things were in the beginning, the constant calls, messages, and voice notes, there might come a time when you both get distant, and you feel your partner is losing interest in you. The dynamics are different in men and women.  Both genders react differently when they’re falling out of love. Let’s see some signs know your woman is losing or has totally lost interest, in you.

She No Longer Complains About Things You Do

When a woman complains about what you do, that’s a sign that she cares about you. if she didn’t care, she won’t bother to complain. She’d rather use her energy to do something else. So if you notice she’s silent when you do something she usually complains about, that’s a sign she’s losing interest in you.

There’s No Spark In Your Conversations

When a lady loves you, there’s excitement in her voice when she is talking to you. Even when she is tired or exhausted she will want to hear from you. She will ask questions to keep the conversation going.  She will laugh at your jokes. She will smile when you’re together. When your conversations are bland, then there’s a problem. That means she has begun to lose interest in you. Especially if it goes on for a while.

She Is Easily Irritated By You

When people are in love, they tend to be very tolerant. But when the love is no longer there, the little things you do will start to irritate her. She will hiss more often than she used to. You will get into more fights, and she will ignore you now more than she has ever done.

She Avoids Physical Contact

Intimacy helps bring you together and sustain your connection, so its absence is a strong indicator that her feelings have changed. If you try to touch her and she avoids contact, then her emotions are no longer with you. Remember that women are usually physical with people they love. They don’t allow just anyone to touch them. So if she pushes your hands away each time you try to touch her, then there is a problem. She doesn’t feel that connection anymore.

She Stops Updating You On Her Life

Naturally, a woman who loves you will want to tell you everything. She will tell you what happened at work or in school. She will give you updates on happenings in her family. She will tell you everything. When she begins to keep things to herself, then there’s a problem.

Now, remember, all these signs are not mutually exclusive. They can all happen at the same time. Also, you have to be careful, so that you do not judge mod swings to mean your lady no longer loves you. Women are very unique, so you need to study them carefully before making insinuations.

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