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How to Show Texting Manners

by Frederick Akinola
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Good manners is usually emphasized when we are dealing with people face to face, but we sometimes forget to show manners while texting, which is also important. Manners can be complicated, but there are some basic things that we should consider when we text people so that we are not perceived as rude or manner-less. What can you do?

Text Only At Appropriate Times

Do not send people messages at a time that is not appropriate for them. When a message is sent late at nigh, we could disturb a person’s sleep. Ask yourself, Do I text people at times when they might be resting or working? That will be insensitive if we do.

Check your Tone

Communication is carried by words, voice inflection, facial expression, and body language. Unfortunately, most of those elements are missing when you text. So how can you compensate?  Use common courtesy such as How are you? and use words such as please and thank you.

Be Discerning

If you are expecting an important message, it might be necessary to excuse yourself from a conversation. Often, though, the message can wait. You can use similar discernment when at a gathering. Don’t text the whole time. Show respect to those around you.

Think Before You Send The Message

Before you send the message ask yourself if your text message might be misunderstood? Would emoticons help convey the right feeling? If you’re joking about something, put a smiley face there. People get their feelings hurt—and fights can even start—because they take a lighthearted remark to be serious.

Since you’re not right in front of the person you’re texting, you might let your guard down and say something hurtful. If you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t say it in a text. Text messages are so easy to send​—and fun to receive​—that it’s easy to forget that people may read between the lines. If you don’t watch your texting manners, you’ll come off as rude and repel friends rather than attract them.



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