I slumped during ministerial screening because of Stress – Balarabe

by John Ojewale
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Abbas Balarabe, the newly appointed minister, claims he slumped during his Senate confirmation hearing owing to tiredness.

The minister-designate told reporters that he learned of his nomination on Tuesday and had remained up all night preparing for his “big day.”

Balarabe said:

“It is basically exhaustion. I got the news of my nomination yesterday and I had to come from Kaduna.

“There were so many things to do which I attended to throughout the night.

“What happened today is as a result of pure exhaustion.

“I want to thank the Senate for their understanding particularly the senators from my State (Kaduna) who have all gathered around me since yesterday and the medical team who took care of me.

“I am alright now, nothing is wrong with me. What I experienced was pure exhaustion which can happen to anybody.”






cc: Daily Post Ng

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