Important Ways to Extend Job Security

by Frederick Akinola
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A woman working in her office = keeping your job secured

Jobs are hard to come by. So when you eventually get one that feeds you and pays your bills, you’d definitely want to keep it securely. Let us give you some advice that can help increase your prospects of keeping your job.

Communicate Effectively

Every employer values an employee with the ability to communicate well and work harmoniously with others. Listening closely to your employer and to your fellow workers can prevent misunderstandings and keep you from making foolish mistakes. When you speak, the way you do so is also important. If you speak clearly and with sufficient volume, it is more likely that you will be understood, and this will heighten a listener’s respect for what you say.  Many people lose their jobs, not because of a lack of technical skills, but because they lack the ability to communicate effectively.

Work Well With Others

If you gain a reputation as a hard worker​—one who will go the extra mile—​you will be more likely to keep your job. Do not engage in office gossip about your boss and colleagues, highlighting their mistakes and shortcomings. By doing this, you will avoid gaining a reputation as a busybody in other people’s matters. You will also avoid wasting time and causing needless friction with your workmates.

Be Honest

Being honest involves not stealing money or materials from your employer. It also means not stealing time. If you have a reputation for working well​—even when not supervised—​you are an employee to be trusted.

Be Realistic

Political and social instability would inevitably result in economic uncertainty.  Hence, even if you apply the above suggestions, you may still lose your job. Having that at the back of your mind can help you to be calm and avoid anxiety, and worrying about what might happen if you lost your job. You will remain calm and have peace of mind.

We have some more tips on professional advancement here. Is there anything you do at work that makes you stand out? Let us know in the comment section.

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