Ivan Toney Diagnosed with Gambling Addiction

by Frederick Akinola
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Ivan Toney Diagnosed with Gambling Addiction

The official diagnosis confirms that England and Brentford striker Ivan Toney has a gambling addiction. Toney received a reduced ban from football due to a diagnosed gambling addiction. However, the Football Association banned him for eight months for breaking betting rules, including betting against his team.

A psychiatry expert who gave evidence to the FA’s regulatory commission diagnosed the Brentford Striker with a gambling addiction and concluded he needed help.

As a result, the commission reduced an 11-month sanction by three months.

According to the FA’s document, had Toney not pleaded guilty to the charges against him, the FA would have imposed a 15-month ban starting from the beginning of next season “to properly reflect the seriousness of the offences admitted, including betting on one’s team to lose, albeit he was not playing.”

Ivan Toney pleaded guilty and demonstrated “genuine remorse,” resulting in substantial time and cost savings. As a result, his sentence was reduced by 25% to 11 months.

Toney scored 20 goals in 33 Premier League appearances this season and debuted for England as a substitute in the March Euro 2024 qualifying win against Ukraine.

Source: Sky Sports

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