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Iyanya Speaks Candidly on Cheating, Monogamy, and His Quest for a Life Partner

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nigerian singer Iyanya recently shared his perspectives on relationships, fidelity, and his quest for a life partner in a candid interview with DoyinSola David, known as Doyi in her popular segment “Doyin’s Corner.”

During the interview, Iyanya expressed his disapproval of cheating and emphasized his belief in staying faithful to one woman. He cited both economic and moral reasons for his preference for monogamy, stating that dating multiple women can be financially draining. Despite the host’s revelation that not all women demand high maintenance, Iyanya maintained his stance, arguing that being with one woman is not only economically wiser but also morally better.

The conversation delved into Iyanya’s personal life, addressing rumours about his dating life. Back in August 2023, speculations arose when artist Vee posted intriguing photos on Instagram, leading fans to suspect a romantic involvement with Iyanya. However, Iyanya clarified that there was no substantial evidence supporting these claims.

In September of the same year, Iyanya made a heartfelt appeal to Nigerians, expressing his difficulty in finding a suitable life partner and his readiness to settle down. His vulnerability in seeking assistance from the public highlighted his desire for a meaningful and committed relationship, moving away from the bachelor lifestyle often associated with celebrities.

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