James Brown Speaks Out Amidst Controversy, Mocks Critics and Reflects on Very Dark Man’s Situation

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nigerian cross dresser James Brown took to Instagram to address the criticism and allegations surrounding his sexuality. In a candid post, he questioned the hypocrisy of those who labeled him as gay while also condemning others for similar accusations.

James Brown’s post highlighted the irony of his situation, pointing out the double standards in society’s treatment of individuals accused of being gay. He emphasized that despite being targeted with derogatory labels, he had not been caught engaging in any homosexual activities.

The post also alluded to the controversy surrounding Very Dark Man, another public figure accused of being gay. James Brown drew parallels between his own experiences and the scrutiny faced by Very Dark Man, particularly in light of recent allegations and revelations.

The conflict between Bobrisky and Very Dark Man was referenced, with James Brown suggesting that the situation had exposed underlying tensions and contradictions within Nigerian society. He highlighted Bobrisky’s role in bringing attention to Very Dark Man’s past and the subsequent fallout from the allegations.

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