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Kane Reveals How He Blocks out Distraction Before Penalty Kicks

by Frederick Akinola
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In a gripping Champions League clash between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, Harry Kane showcased his unyielding focus as he buried a penalty amidst distractions. The match ended in a thrilling 2-2 draw, setting the stage for a riveting second leg.

Despite England teammate Jude Bellingham’s attempts to unsettle him with muttered words, Kane remained undeterred, asserting, “Once I’m in that moment, I’m in my zone, trying to block everyone out.” His steely determination paid off as he calmly dispatched the penalty, extending his season tally to an impressive 43 goals.

Kane added: “In the moment, I didn’t know what he said but I spoke to him after and he said: ‘I know you’re going to go left of the keeper’.

“But it was nice for me because I saw the keeper go a little bit early and I put it away. Actually, on the pitch, I didn’t know what he said. I knew he was there but I didn’t know what he said. But I went left anyway.”

Reflecting on the intense encounter, Kane expressed both disappointment and determination. While acknowledging the challenge posed by Real Madrid, he emphasized Bayern’s resolve to seize victory in the upcoming fixture.

With the spotlight on Kane’s remarkable form and unwavering focus, the stage is set for an enthralling showdown in the second leg, promising more drama and spectacle in the quest for Champions League glory.

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