Lagos: Govt Trains Students in Skill Development

by John Ojewale
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Mrs Olufunke Segun, Director of the Lagos State Women Development Centre, has challenged newly admitted students to be of excellent behaviour and exceptional performance in their quest to gain new skills for empowerment and financial independence.

At a recent orientation programme for the second batch of the 2023 new intake, Segun, who served as the keynote speaker, emphasised that the new students should uphold the values of respect, responsibility, and excellence in all of their interactions with other students and staff members at the centre throughout their time of study.

According to a statement, the director “Our centre values respect, responsibility and excellence. I, therefore, urge you to imbibe these values and interact with your fellow students and staff of the centre cordially and respectfully for a mutually beneficial experience.”

She further stated that all students were required to follow the facility’s established rules and regulations, and that the centre would not tolerate fighting, loitering, trash, or any other wrongdoing.

Segun gave the students her word that the centre would give them the direction, encouragement, and support they want for a fruitful skill-acquisition plan.

“As you enroll here to develop new skills, I encourage you to reach out to your instructors and classmates for support and collaboration when necessary in order to achieve your full potential and goals,” she added.



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