“Love is Blind” Star SK Alagbada Apologizes to Ex-fiancé.

by Adeola Adeyeye
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SK Alagbada- Raven Ross

In an exclusive interview with People, Sikiru “SK” Alagbada from “Love is Blind” expressed regret over his behaviour towards his ex-fiancé, Raven Ross. SK addressed the allegations of infidelity against him. He claimed that the flings did not overlap his relationship with Ross.

He stated that he was not proud of his conduct and apologized for the hurt and embarrassment he caused her. SK admitted to having an inappropriate conversation with another woman in the fall of 2022. This is despite the fact that he was still talking to Ross. He said he had plans to tell her about his mistakes before they made headlines. However, he couldn’t because it was hard but he now regrets not having the conversations earlier.

Raven Ross has moved on and is currently seeing someone new, while SK wished her well in her new chapter.

SK doubled down on his claim that he was not dating anyone when he and Ross went into a committed, exclusive relationship. Despite being from a polygamous family, he stated that it was not a lifestyle he subscribed to.

Although SK denied the allegations on social media, he said that he owed it to Ross to take full accountability for why things did not work out.

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