Mac Allister: Argentina Aims to Reduce Dependence on Messi

by Frederick Akinola
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Alexis MacAllister

In today’s international friendly encounter against Costa Rica, Liverpool’s Alexis Mac Allister showcased Argentina’s evolving strategy, emphasizing a collective approach over reliance on Lionel Messi. Alongside Angel Di Maria and Lautaro Martinez, Mac Allister found the net in Argentina’s 3-1 victory.

Speaking to ESPN, Mac Allister stressed the team’s focus on unity, acknowledging the absence of Messi as an opportunity for others to step up. He highlighted Argentina’s intent to instill fear in opponents through collective strength, aiming to ensure every match is a challenge for the rival team.

“We always focus on the group and the team,” Mac Allister said. “When Leo is not there, we have to become even stronger because we don’t have that player who can save us when things go wrong.”

Argentina’s shift away from dependency on Messi signals a new era for the national team, with players aiming to make their mark on the pitch, regardless of the absence of their star player. As they continue to evolve their strategy, Argentina looks to maintain their competitive edge on the international stage.

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