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Manchester United’s Debt Surpasses £1 Billion Amidst Glazer Ownership

by Frederick Akinola
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In the latest financial report, Manchester United’s debt has crossed the monumental £1 billion mark, unveiling the club’s staggering financial liabilities. The figures show the extent to which the Glazer family’s ownership has affected the club’s financial stability.

The club’s accounts for the year ending June 30 exposed a gross debt of £507 million ($650 million). However, since that time frame, the club has utilized credit facilities with two banks, accumulating an additional £160 million. This has brought the total gross debt to a staggering £773 million ($991 million). To compound the issue, Manchester United also has outstanding transfer fees amounting to £318 million, pushing the club’s total debt over the £1 billion threshold.

For United fans, this headline number is deeply concerning, given the club’s record revenues but enduring financial troubles under the Glazer ownership. The supporters are now anxiously awaiting the potential transformation that Sir Jim Ratcliffe and his INEOS group could bring to the club. Ratcliffe’s purchase of a 25% stake in the club is still pending approval, but hopes remain high among the United faithful.

As the financial cloud looms over Old Trafford, the focus now shifts to the football pitch as Manchester United prepares to face city rivals, Manchester City, in the highly anticipated Manchester derby on Sunday.

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