Mariah Carey Drops Custody Battle with Nick Cannon over Twin Kids

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nick Cannon-Mariah Carey-Kids

American singer Mariah Carey has reportedly decided not to fight her ex-husband Nick Cannon in court over primary custody of their 11-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan. According to RadarOnline, Carey had previously petitioned to be the primary caregiver due to concerns about Cannon’s plans to have more children with different women, which would affect his availability to their children.

However, sources have revealed that Carey is now over Cannon’s lack of time for their children and has decided not to pursue the custody battle any further. The source added that although Carey wants legal standing as the twins’ primary caregiver, the reality is that they are usually with her anyway.

Carey and Cannon got married in 2008 and became parents to their twins three years later. The couple divorced in 2014 after six years of marriage. Cannon currently fathers 12 children with six different women.

The decision to drop the custody battle highlights the importance of co-parenting and putting the best interests of the children first. Despite their past differences, Carey and Cannon’s ability to work together for the well-being of their children sets a positive example for others in similar situations.

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