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Mary Njoku Voices Concern Over Naira-Dollar Disparity, Urges Economic Stability

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Actress Mary Njoku has taken to her Instagram page to express her dismay over the ongoing disparity between the dollar and naira exchange rates.

In a recent post, the founder of ROK studios lamented the current economic challenges facing Nigerians, particularly the escalating value of the dollar against the naira. Mary Njoku questioned how people are coping with the difficult economic situation and urged the naira to regain its strength against other currencies.

e don red ooo. Naira kindly fight back. How are people surviving?” she exclaimed, reflecting the widespread concern and frustration over the deteriorating economic conditions.

This recent outcry from Mary Njoku is not the first time she has shared her thoughts on social and personal matters. In December of 2023, she offered advice to individuals who find themselves in situations where they have nothing to contribute, cautioning them to be mindful when joining such gatherings.

Furthermore, in 2023, Mary Njoku shared an intriguing anecdote about her whirlwind romance with her husband. She revealed how he proposed marriage to her just four days after meeting, initially leaving her puzzled but ultimately convinced of his genuine feelings.

During the festive season a few months ago, Mary Njoku opened up about her desire to shift away from her perceived role as a “strong woman” and embrace a more relaxed approach to life. She expressed her fatigue with constantly being resilient and announced her intention to usher in a softer era, allowing herself to fully enjoy the holiday festivities.

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