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Mary Remmy Njoku Pens Heartfelt Tribute to Late Veteran Actor Sam Loco Efe

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Nollywood actress and filmmaker Mary Remmy Njoku has shared a touching tribute to the late veteran actor Sam Loco Efe.

Taking to Instagram, Mary expressed her admiration for the legendary actor and revealed how he inspired her early aspirations as a producer.

When I was an aspiring producer, I wanted to work with you so badly, even though you barely knew me. I dreamt of creating a show just to feature you. You were one of the most talented actors Nigeria has ever known and possibly ever will know,” she wrote.

Reflecting on her journey as a filmmaker, Mary celebrated Sam Loco Efe’s significant contribution to Nollywood and her own creative development.

Today, as I reflect on my journey as a filmmaker, I celebrate your contribution to my life as a creative and to Nollywood. Your craft inspired a whole generation of filmmakers. Take your flowers and rest on, LEGEND of all time!”

Mary Remmy Njoku’s tribute to Sam Loco Efe is a testament to her respect for the actors who paved the way in Nollywood. Her heartfelt message highlights the importance of acknowledging and honoring the legacy of those who have inspired and influenced the industry.

Mary is no stranger to penning heartfelt notes. Last year, she shared a moving tribute to her late sister, Eucharia Remmy, recounting the impact of her loss and updating her on her achievements. Recently, she celebrated a major milestone by winning the Harvard OPM64 Idol, beating 170 successful entrepreneurs from 48 countries. She expressed her sorrow that her sister wasn’t alive to share the moment with her.

The wife of Iroko TV boss, Jason Njoku, Mary has continued to make significant strides in her career and education. In 2023, she was recognized by Forbes as one of the 50 most influential women in Africa, a testament to her hard work and dedication. Reflecting on her journey, she expressed gratitude to her husband and pride in her achievements, which have taken her from her humble beginnings in Nnsukka to becoming a powerful figure in the industry.

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