Mohbad’s Wife Credits Brymo for Healing Her During Tough Times

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Late Nigerian singer Mohbad’s wife, Omowunmi, recently took to her Instagram story to express gratitude to Brymo for helping her through tough times with his music.

She credited Brymo’s songs for not only uplifting her mood but also healing her and pulling her out of her darkest days. Describing his music as soothing and pure bliss, Omowunmi’s heartfelt appreciation highlights the power of music in overcoming challenges.

Days earlier, Omowunmi had sparked controversy by announcing that she wouldn’t be conducting a DNA test for her son. She staunchly defended her decision, asserting that nobody had the right to pressure her into it and expressing her determination to shield her son from public scrutiny and disgrace.

However, her stance faced criticism from various quarters, including media personality Daddy Freeze and actress Charity Nnaji, who questioned her refusal to address the paternity issue surrounding her son.

In contrast, actress Ifemeludike offered words of encouragement and solidarity to Mohbad’s wife, advising her not to be intimidated and to stand her ground. Ifemeludike emphasized the importance of Omowunmi asserting her rights and raising her son with confidence.

Omowunmi’s recent gratitude towards Brymo comes amidst ongoing controversies surrounding Mohbad’s death and paternity disputes involving his son, Liam. Despite the pressure from various quarters for a DNA test, Omowunmi remains steadfast in her decision and continues to receive both support and criticism from different segments of society.

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