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Mohbad’s Wife’s Sister Publicly Disowns Her Amid Allegations

by Adeola Adeyeye
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In a shocking turn of events, the sister of Mohbad’s wife, Karimot, has made a bold declaration, severing ties with her own sister, Wunmi, and even disowning their mother.

In a candid statement shared publicly, Karimot expressed her deep disappointment and betrayal, citing undisclosed incidents that led to her decision.

Karimot revealed that despite standing by Wunmi’s side during a tumultuous period involving Mohbad, she feels betrayed by her sister’s actions. She accused Wunmi of dishonesty and manipulation, alleging that Wunmi has a pattern of exploiting people for her own gain before discarding them.

Furthermore, Karimot hinted at forthcoming revelations, promising to expose the truth about her experiences to the Nigerian public. Her statement, laden with frustration and resentment, underscores the magnitude of the rift within the family.

Addressing Wunmi directly, Karimot expressed her grievances, lamenting Wunmi’s lack of transparency and gratitude for her support during difficult times. She also disputed claims made by Wunmi regarding their relationship with others, hinting at unresolved conflicts and tensions.

The public disownment of both Wunmi and their mother signifies a profound rupture within the family unit, with Karimot distancing herself from individuals she once considered close kin.

As Karimot prepares to unveil the undisclosed truths surrounding her estrangement from Wunmi and their mother, the public awaits with bated breath, poised to witness the unraveling of a family saga fraught with intrigue and emotion.

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