Mr Ibu’s Family Drama Deepens: Son Refutes Wife’s Accusations, Claims Control of Actor’s Account

by Adeola Adeyeye
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The family drama surrounding ailing Nollywood actor, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu, has taken a new turn as his son, Daniel Okafor, refutes accusations made by Stella Maris, his stepmother.

Stella Maris recently claimed that Jasmine, Mr Ibu’s adopted daughter, was attempting to make her an outsider in the marriage and accused her of misusing the donations meant for Mr Ibu’s medical care. She alleged that Jasmine was interested in funding a lavish lifestyle, including plans to purchase an iPhone 15 and new cars.

In response, Daniel Okafor, Mr Ibu’s son, dismissed Stella Maris’ claims. He clarified that he is the signatory to his father’s account and the one in charge. He affirmed that Jasmine does not have access to the account and refuted the financial allegations made by Stella Maris.

This family drama comes less than a year after a previous public clash over Mr Ibu’s property. After intervention by the police, Jasmine was designated as Mr Ibu’s manager, instructed to follow directives from Stella Maris to prevent future altercations.

Mr Ibu, who has been hospitalized for weeks, is currently battling for his life. He has undergone seven successful surgeries, including the amputation of one of his legs. The family turmoil adds another layer of complexity to the actor’s challenging health crisis.

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