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Nana Otedola Prays for DJ Cuppy’s Love Journey After Baptism

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nana Otedola, mother of DJ Cuppy, offers heartfelt prayers for her daughter’s love journey following her baptism, expressing hope for a divine connection.

After DJ Cuppy and her sister Temi Otedola recently got baptized, their mother, Nana Otedola, has showered DJ Cuppy with prayers for her romantic future. Cuppy had shared a screenshot of their chat, where Nana expressed her faith in God’s plan to bring Cuppy a man who is dedicated to Him.

Nana’s message reflects a mother’s love and encouragement, affirming her belief that Cuppy’s newfound spiritual journey will lead her to a partner who shares her values and faith. She assures Cuppy that as she continues to grow and strengthen her relationship with God, she will attract a man who is also seeking a deeper connection with the divine.

Cuppy’s romantic journey has seen its ups and downs, including a high-profile engagement to British boxer Ryan Taylor in 2022, which ended in separation the following year. Despite the challenges, Cuppy remains hopeful, attending weddings and contemplating her future partner, even joking about considering marrying an Indian man for their elaborate traditional ceremonies.

Throughout it all, Cuppy’s faith remains steadfast, as evidenced by her lighthearted yet profound decision to list “Jesus” as her emergency contact, symbolizing her reliance on her spiritual beliefs.

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