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Nigeria, France to tackle illegal migration, human trafficking

by John Ojewale
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France has pledged to enhance current ties with Nigeria, particularly in combating illicit migration and human trafficking.

Mr Christophe Leonzi, France’s Ambassador of Migration at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, made the announcement during a courtesy visit to Dr Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, Minister of Interior, in Abuja on Monday.

The envoy said:

“We will like to establish more regular dialogue between Nigeria and France and the two ministries, especially in area of illegal migration and how to tackle it headlong.

“Another area that calls for worry is in the area of human trafficking.

“It will be of immense benefit to both countries if we can cooperate more efficiently in different aspects to stem the tide,” the envoy added.

“Nigeria is a strong partner in this regard, no doubt.

“If the borders are not porous and the necessary cutting-edge technology, aside from human presence, are in place, no doubt it will go a long way to tackle the ugly trend to a reasonable level.

“A good border management brings about certain level of security of a country, but a porous border usually brings about vulnerability of a country, especially in terms of security of that country.”







cc: Vanguard Ng

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