Nollywood Actress Yetunde Bakare Opens Up on Why She Rejects the Notion of Marriage

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nollywood actress, Yetunde Bakare, has left many astonished with her unapologetic stance on marriage, boldly declaring that she no longer believes in it.

In an interview with Biola Bayo for her show, “Talk to B,” the Yoruba actress reaffirmed her disbelief in the institution of marriage. Yetunde hinted at a series of personal experiences that have shaped her perspective on the matter, though she chose not to divulge the details.

According to Yetunde, she firmly believes in love and is currently in a committed relationship with a man, but she is certain it will not lead to marriage.Despite observing her parents’ seemingly happy marriage, she remains resolute in her decision.

I have encountered numerous life experiences that have led me to abandon the idea of marriage. However, my faith in love remains unwavering. I don’t think marriage is a prerequisite for loving and respecting each other. I can cherish and honor someone without the need for the title ‘MRS.’


In my view, most men appreciate qualities like humility, respect, down-to-earth nature, and patience in a woman. Even religious teachings, like those found in the Quran, emphasize the importance of love.


While marriage may be a wonderful thing—I’ve seen it with my parents—it simply isn’t for me. At present, I am deeply involved in a serious relationship, and I genuinely love my partner. However, I do not envision myself getting married at all.”

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