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Nollywood Star Debbie Shokoya Takes a Stand Against Online Abuse

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nollywood actress Debbie Shokoya has reached her breaking point amidst relentless abuse and baseless accusations hurled at her after gossip platform Gistlover claimed she is dating a married man. Trolls flooded her social media pages with derogatory remarks, causing the actress to speak out and demand an end to the harassment.

Expressing her frustration, Debbie took to her Instagram page to address the ongoing ordeal and question why her critics insisted on attacking her every time she posted something. She made it clear that she had reached her limit and demanded that they leave her page.

In a bold statement, Debbie asserted that she had been living her life without their unwanted advice and hurtful comments. Refusing to succumb to their negativity, she emphasized that she would not let their opinions tarnish her spirit. Calling out the trolls, she reminded them that she was not perfect. But neither were they, and she had no desire to become bitter like them.

Unfazed by their attempts to harass her. Debbie warned that she would block those who continued to spread nonsense. And create fake accounts to perpetuate negativity. Undeterred, she stood strong and made it clear that she had all the time to protect herself from such toxicity.

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