Nollywood’s Mary Remmy Njoku Voices Concerns Over Nigeria’s Economic Hardships

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nollywood actress and CEO of ROK Studios, Mary Remmy Njoku, recently expressed her concerns about the state of Nigeria’s economy through her Instagram page.

Having spent ₦100,000 at a supermarket, Mary was surprised that her shopping cart wasn’t full, pointing out the stark economic challenges faced by Nigerians. In her social media post, she highlighted the increase in poverty, using the local term ‘Sapa,’ and questioned the sufficiency of the minimum wage in a country where even basic expenses are a struggle.

This isn’t an isolated sentiment. Other public figures, such as Iyabo Ojo and Wumi Toriola, have also voiced their concerns about the economic situation in Nigeria. Iyabo Ojo shared her thoughts about the government’s support for the less privileged, expressing doubt about its effectiveness in addressing the widespread hunger.

Wumi Toriola lamented the rising cost of fuel and its impact on the average citizen, emphasizing the divide between the rich and the poor. Mabel Makun, wife of comedian Ayo Makun, expressed distress over the adverse effects of the high exchange rate on businesses and the increased cost of living.

Additionally, Kemi Afolabi called on the Nigerian government to consider the plight of the citizens, expressing dismay over the general increase in prices across the country.

These voices from the entertainment industry highlight growing concerns about the challenges faced by everyday Nigerians in coping with the country’s economic difficulties.

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