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Nomenclature of African States During the Colonial Era.

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Colonialism is the direct and overall domination of one country by another on the basis of state power being in the hands of a foreign power. The foreign powers at play in the colonial era in Africa were the Europeans, colonising all of the African States with the exception of Ethiopia and Liberia.

This took place between 1800-the 1960s and it began largely as a result of changes in the mode of production in Europe (the emergence of the industrial revolution). The industrial revolution ushered in a new process of production in place of the earlier slave-based economy.

The quest for the investment of the accumulated capital and the need for raw materials led to the colonization of Africa.

Below are the names of African states during the colonial era:-

Algeria – Algeria
Angola- Angola
Benin – Dahomey
Ivory Coast,  Mauritania, Niger,  Burkina Faso – French West Africa
Botswana- Bechuanaland
Burkina Faso- Upper Volta
Burundi-  Rwanda(Urundi), Rwanda (Kinyarwanda), Tanzania (Tanganyika) – All German East Africa

Central African Republic,  Chad,  Gabon- All French Equatorial Africa
Congo Brazzaville -Middle Congo/French Congo
Cameroon- German Cameroon
DR Congo- Congo Free State, Belgian Congo, Léopodville

Djibouti- French Somaliland, Afars and Issas
Eswatini- Swaziland
Ethiopia- Damot, Abyssinia
Equatorial guinea- Spanish guinea
The Gambia- Senegambia, Kaabu, British Gambia
Ghana- Gold Coast
Guinea- Conakry, French Guinea, French Guinea
Guinea-Bissau- Portuguese Guinea
Kenya- British East Africa
Lesotho- Basutoland
Malawi- Nyasaland
Mali- French Sudan
Mauritius- Prins Mauritius van Nassaueiland
Mozambique- Portuguese East Africa
Morocco (Al-Maghrib)- Spanish Morocco
Namibia (Island Nawodo, Onawero)- South West Africa
Nigeria- Nigeria
Senegal – Senegambia
Somalia- British Somaliland
Sudan- Anglo-Egyptian Sudan
Togo- Togoland
Tunisia- Tunisia
Uganda- Buganda
Zambia- Northern Rhodesia
Zimbabwe- Rhodesia.

I hope you learnt a great deal from this. Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.

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