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Oluchi Onweagba Throws Shade at Temi Otedola’s L’Oreal Deal

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nigerian supermodel Oluchi Onweagba ignited a social media storm when she threw shade at actress and model Temi Otedola over her new deal with L’Oreal Paris.

Temi had proudly announced her role as the global influencer and face of L’Oreal, celebrating her position as the first African Digital ambassador for the cosmetics giant.

However, Oluchi’s response stirred controversy as she asserted her status as the first Nigerian to model for the brand. In a thinly veiled jab, she emphasized her preference for backing up her claims with evidence, suggesting that others may resort to manipulating media coverage to rewrite history.

While some netizens came to Temi’s defense, citing the distinction between being a digital ambassador versus a traditional model, others echoed Oluchi’s sentiment, questioning the authenticity of Temi’s title.

Temi Otedola’s journey to success has been marked by determination and resilience, as she navigates her path in both the modeling and digital spheres. Despite her affluent background as the daughter of billionaire Femi Otedola, Temi has spoken candidly about her experiences facing financial challenges and working towards financial independence from a young age.

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