Over 4,000 SMEs, Youths to be Empowered By Midramo.

by John Ojewale
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Midramo empowerment program

Midramo Consulting, a talent development firm has launched its fifth Growth, Empowerment, Accelerate and Recognition (GEAR) program to empower 2,000 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The Midramo Empowerment Foundation is a chapter of the organization which is in partnership with Lagos State. However, the private sector will lead the program. According to the Executive Director of Services, Ms Salamatu Odewunmi;

“we see the youth as our partner in achieving our vision of a preferred global partner in the development of human capital”.

She said the program will reach more small businesses and young people through training in technical and soft skills. The fields to be covered include hospitality, information, communication technology and construction. They aim to do this with an empowering organizational method.

According to Odewunmi, the company has helped more than 100 small businesses and 500 people with various skills. The skillsets include leadership, financial literacy, planning and organization, goal setting, healthy and safe work habits, business planning, marketing techniques and digital marketing. All of which have affected the business sense of young people.

She said his sustainability plans contributed to the success of his program and in 2022 she was nominated by BusinessDay for her top 100 fastest-growing SME Awards in Nigeria.

“The success of Midramo’s programs is due to the support of its partners, including the United States for African Development Foundation, Lagos State Employment Trust Fund, Diamond Development Initiatives (DDI) and Skills for Prosperity Nigeria (S4P-N).

“Interested SMEs and youths can register through our social media handles,” she said.


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