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Overcoming Procrastination

by Monsurat Momoh
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Overcoming procrastination can be quite difficult because we procrastinate to unburden ourselves and learning to overcome it means to face it head on. But then again, as time goes by with you constantly working against procrastination, the positivity of managing this concept will be realized.  Here are a few tips to aid your pursuit;

  • Avoid delay and distractions

Wow, this can be a little hard. Why? Distractions vary among individuals. This means that maybe “listening to music” is very much distracting when you try to work but for another person, they work very well with music. Now, the most important thing is to focus on you and eradicating anything you deem fit. So, whichever thing that works well with you should be focused on. Mind you, you should try not to lie to yourself. We’ve agreed to find an healthy way around things, haven’t we?

  • Divide large tasks into tiny projects, depending on how well you choose to manage them

After attempting the first tip, try not to absorb everything at a go so as to not to feel overwhelmed. Trust me, it is totally fine to face everything head-on but not forcefully because if you eventually start feeling overwhelmed, you won’t get anything done. We do not want that.

To avoid delaying tasks, it is advisable to breakdown projects into more feasible ones. With this, we can increase productivity and reduce procrastination. By thinking about work as little things or project we can easily attempt, we won’t think about procrastinating.

  • Breaks are important

Yes. We do need breaks. In as much as we procrastinate because we are probably feeling lazy, that’s not enough reason to overwork ourselves. So, take a coffee break. Stop for a while and stare at the sky for a while or daydream if you want to. But don’t go too far because you didn’t take a break just to forget about it again.

  • Assign deadlines to your tasks and goals

This attributes majorly to successfully managing procrastination because that makes you feel as if you have a goal to meet and then, you’d learn that you can be a determined individual.

It is important to note that overcoming procrastination does not happen immediately, it’s not magic. So, if you try these tips and you end up quitting before succeeding, don’t beat yourself up too much about it . You can just try again. You should consider trying multiple times to be sure the proud feeling you get after successfully finish your tasks is real. Don’t worry, it’ll be real.

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