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Peruzzi Denies Rumours of Ghostwriting for Burna Boy

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Afrobeat sensation and songwriter, Peruzzi, recently confronted rumors suggesting his involvement in crafting one of Burna Boy’s hit songs.

The insinuation emerged from a follower’s claim attributing authorship of the song to Peruzzi. The critic reprimanded Burna Boy, alleging his extensive use of songwriters despite the widespread acknowledgment of his lyrical talent, referring to his fanbase as “lost children.”

Further accusations suggested that Burna Boy frequently sampled other artists’ songs and hinted at Peruzzi possibly halting his songwriting collaboration.

In response, Peruzzi vehemently repudiated the rumor, emphasizing that he should not receive credit for work he hadn’t contributed to, thereby quashing the speculation of his involvement in Burna Boy’s songwriting.

Interestingly, recent reports claimed Peruzzi took credit for writing popular tracks like “Unavailable” and “Risky” for Davido. His new freestyle showcased his artistic flair, leading to some attributing him as the songwriter for these chart-topping tracks. Critics contended that even if Peruzzi had released and performed these songs, they wouldn’t have gained the same recognition and acclaim as they did under Davido’s banner.

Adding an intriguing twist, Peruzzi and Davido engaged in playful online banter some months ago. This banter ensued during a period of mourning in the music industry following Mohbad’s loss, signed to a label associated with Nairamarley. Peruzzi, associated with Davido’s DMW, humorously claimed the only negative thing Davido did was pilfer his original charger. In response, Davido reacted with laughter, indicating that their relationship remained amiable.

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