Portable Takes Aim at Bobrisky’s Outfit Choice, Threatens Police Intervention

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Nigerian singer Portable recently stirred controversy by addressing Bobrisky’s choice of outfit for the Ajakaju movie premiere.

In a comment on Bobrisky’s post showcasing his attire, Portable instructed Bobrisky not to refer to himself in a certain manner, seemingly expressing disapproval.

However, Portable didn’t stop there; he escalated the situation by threatening to involve the police, though his exact reasons remained unclear. Whether his grievance stemmed from Bobrisky’s cross-dressing or his recognition as the best dressed female at the event remains uncertain.

While Portable’s comments added a layer of intrigue to the situation, it’s unclear why he targeted Bobrisky specifically, as there’s no known history of conflict between them.

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