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Portable’s Babymama Keji Drags Singer Over Child Support Neglect

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Keji, the third babymama of controversial singer Portable, has once again taken to social media to air her grievances against the singer, alleging neglect of their son’s welfare.

In a series of Instagram posts, she threatened to unleash her wrath if Portable fails to provide their son’s feeding allowance.

Expressing frustration over Portable’s alleged lack of response, Keji revealed that the singer had blocked her on Instagram, indicating avoidance of confrontation. She questioned Portable’s actions, including blocking their son’s Instagram account, and warned of impending consequences if he continues to neglect his responsibilities.

Netizens weighed in on the drama, with many condemning Portable’s alleged neglect of his children and urging him to prioritize their welfare. Some speculated about the repercussions within Portable’s personal life, suggesting strained relationships and potential fallout with his wife.

This recent outburst from Keji follows previous instances where she publicly called out Portable for failing to fulfill his paternal duties. Their tumultuous relationship has been marked by accusations and confrontations, with Keji threatening to expose Portable’s secrets if he continues to neglect their son.

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