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Precious Chikwendu Calls Out Critics Over Political Affiliations.

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Precious Chikwendu has taken to social media to express her frustration over public assumptions about her political affiliations. In a recent Instagram post, Precious clarified that she has her own political opinions, which she does not impose on anyone. Precious is a former beauty queen and mother of four.

She also noted that the political party she supports is different from that of her children’s father, Femi Fani-Kayode.

In her post, Precious explained that she missed contesting for a political party by just an inch. She however waited at her polling unit till 1 am for the vote count, just like many Nigerians did. She urged the public to stop making assumptions about her political views. As well as respect her fundamental human right to association, to vote and be voted for.

Precious Chikwendu also called for an end to the causeless curses being hurled at her and her children over their father’s political choices. She emphasized that she does not control or impose anything aside from matters concerning her children. She further stated that she wants her boys to love and adore their motherland with everything working there.

It is important to note that individuals have the right to their own political beliefs and opinions, and should not be subjected to unwarranted public scrutiny or harassment.

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