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Premier League Clubs Push to End 3pm Blackout for TV Rights

by Frederick Akinola
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Premier League clubs are making a strong push to end the long-standing 3pm blackout rule, eyeing the upcoming 2027 TV rights negotiations. The move comes in response to the EFL’s decision to broadcast all opening matchday games, including those scheduled for Saturday at 3pm.

The push for scrapping the blackout is driven largely by clubs with American ownership, aiming to boost revenue by attracting more viewers, particularly from the US market. They believe broadcasting mid-morning games during the 3pm slot would appeal to American viewers, offering live sports content during a typically quiet period.

The 3pm blackout rule has been a traditional policy prohibiting live television broadcasts of Premier League, Football League, or FA Cup matches on Saturdays between 2:45 and 5:15 p.m. While games can still be played during this time, they cannot be televised.

To implement the change, the responsibility lies with the Football Association (FA), which would need to apply for a rule change to UEFA before it can be enacted. As negotiations progress, Premier League clubs are keen to secure a favorable outcome that could significantly impact future broadcasting arrangements.

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