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Protecting Yourself From Crimes and Attacks.

by Frederick Akinola
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In many places, crime is an ever-present danger.  For example, a report has shown that as of January 2023, Nigerians reported being most worried about getting things stolen from their car.  Some other crimes causing high levels of worry in the country were robbery, burglary, theft, and attacks.

Physical injury and material loss are not the only consequences of crime. Many victims also suffer lasting mental and emotional harm. Let us then consider how you can protect yourself from crime.

Be Aware

Thieves are opportunists. They like to prey on the unsuspecting. So watch the people who are watching you, be aware of your surroundings, and do not dull your senses or impair your judgment by over-drinking or misusing drugs.

Protect your Property

Secure your vehicle and the doors and windows of your home. Never admit a stranger. Keep valuables out of sight; do not flaunt them. Thieves often target people who parade expensive jewellery and electronics.

Sexual Assault

Do not ignore your feelings. If a place or person makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy—leave. Act confidently.  Sexual predators hunt for the unsuspecting and vulnerable. So walk confidently and stay alert. React quickly. Escape or fight back using the element of surprise. And, if possible, run to a safe place and call the police.


Cybercrime refers to crime conducted online. It includes tax and welfare fraud, credit card fraud, and the non-delivery of purchases. It also includes scams, such as fraudulent investments and online auctions. Do not be fooled by professional-looking Web sites, and keep in mind that legitimate financial institutions will not ask you to e-mail highly confidential information. Be cautious when dealing with companies located in foreign lands. Be suspicious if an offer looks too good to be true. The greedy and those who want something for nothing are prime targets for online thieves.

Of course, in today’s world, there are no guarantees. Even the most cautious individuals have become victims of crime. That said, make sure to do your best and stay alert. Try to stay safe and avoid danger.

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