Rapper, GloRilla, Sued For Sampling Nearly 30-year-Old Track

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Rapper GloRilla and producer Macaroni Toni are facing legal trouble after being sued by fellow artist Ivory Paynes. Paynes alleges that they used his 1994 track “Street of the Westbank” to create GloRilla’s hit single “Tomorrow“. The lawsuit claims that GloRilla and Toni used key elements from Paynes’ song, including the piano, cello, and drum tracks, without his permission.

Ivory Paynes, a member of the NOLA-based rap group Dog House Posse, has accused GloRilla and Toni of sampling his nearly 30-year-old track to create the gold-selling single “Tomorrow“, which was released in 2020. Paynes is seeking damages for the unauthorized use of his music. GloRilla’s record home, Collective Music Group and her publishers, Warner Chappell Music and Sony/ATV Music, have also been named in the lawsuit.

Interestingly, the lawsuit also includes GloRilla’s remix of “Tomorrow” featuring Cardi B, called “Tomorrow 2“. It allegedly uses the same instrumentals without Paynes’ consent. Cardi B however is not listed as a defendant in the case. The inclusion of the remix in the lawsuit though suggests that Paynes is seeking to hold all parties involved accountable. Essentially, he will be suing for the alleged copyright infringement.

This legal battle highlights the ongoing issue of music sampling in the industry. Especially in situations where the lines between inspiration and appropriation can be blurry. As artists continue to push the boundaries of creativity, it is essential that they respect the intellectual property of others. They should seek proper permission before using their work in their own compositions.

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