Rapper Skales Makes Peace with Wife After Public Spat

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Rapper Skales

Rapper Skales and his wife Precious have reportedly reconciled after a public fallout. In October 2022, Skales shared a cryptic post on social media and later called out his wife for mourning his mother’s death. According to the rapper, Precious did not show his mother any care while she was alive but posted a tribute after her death just for social media.

He then asked her to take down the post. However, in a recent turn of events, the couple appears to have made peace, and Skales took to his Instagram page to apologize for airing their issues in public.

In his apology post, Skales acknowledged the importance of taking care of his mental health and learning to control his emotions when life throws him down. He admitted that he made mistakes and apologized for letting his grieving times get the best of him, leading him to bring their private issues into the public domain.

He went on to express his love and respect for his wife, wishing her a happy birthday and promising to do better.

The couple’s reunion is welcome news to their fans and loved ones who have been rooting for them to reconcile. While details of their reconciliation remain unknown, it is a positive development that they have resolved their differences and are back together as a couple.

Their ability to put their issues behind them and move forward is a testament to their commitment to their relationship and their willingness to work things out. We wish them all the best as they continue their journey together.

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