Red flags in friendships

by Monsurat Momoh
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do not ignore red flags

Just like the traffic light helps control traffic, keep drivers and pedestrians safe, reduce accident rates, friendship has flags of its own. Its basic knowledge actually, red signifies a lot of things, mostly danger related. With the traffic light, it says stop. It sometimes signifies fire. The most obvious is blood and when is seeing blood ever good.

Like how things always have good and bad, red also signifies good things in different cultures. But in this article, red flags can only mean one thing. Have you ever heard about friendships that have existed for a long time but end all of a sudden? Sometimes because of very unreasonable, insignificant reasons or justifications. I have.

Unfortunately, we have to go through these bad experiences to fully understand life and its ups and downs. One would expect that as adults, we would be able to tell between people who do us good and those who do bad. If it were that easy, there wouldn’t be numerous cases of heartbreaks, here and there.

Even more, some people know that these bad traits exist but ignore them anyway. And others do not even know when they see these traits. Whether you know or not, this article will help straighten everything out with these well-known tips below

  • They are dismissive of your achievements

Everything you do is not a big deal because either they have done it before or they have done greater things. Yours doesn’t ever matter as much as theirs has ever mattered.

  • They ask for favors but never return them

A perfect scenario is you planning your friend’s birthday for months, making them feel special and all. But when it’s your turn? They forgot and all you’re getting is “Today, a queen was born”.

  • They always have it much worse than you do

When you’re going through a rough patch and you hear a friend say “is that why you are crying? I’ve gone through worse”. A real friend should only soothe your pain, not add to it.

  • They never apologize when they’re wrong

You’d even apologize when you’re not wrong because that’s just how your “friendship” is.

  • You’re thinking about some friends while reading this post

Are you currently thinking about a person or more who fits into this category? I’m sorry but, dump them.


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