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Relationship Expert Sparks Debate by Criticizing Women Marrying in Their 20s

by Adeola Adeyeye
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In a recent social media uproar, a relationship expert ignited controversy by admonishing women who choose to marry in their 20s.

She argued that women in their 20s should prioritize personal and career development rather than entering marriage or motherhood prematurely.

According to the expert, women in their 20s are still in the process of self-discovery and should focus on building financial independence and advancing their careers. She emphasized that marriage and children can wait until one’s 30s when individuals are more mature and have a clearer understanding of their life goals.

However, her comments faced strong opposition from netizens who disagreed with her perspective. Many individuals shared their own experiences of marrying young and asserted that successful marriages can occur at any age. Others criticized the expert for imposing arbitrary timelines on marriage and questioned the notion that one must have everything figured out by their 30s.

Earlier this year, a similar controversy arose when a woman criticized single women in their 30s for being broke, sparking backlash from those who viewed her comments as insensitive and judgmental.

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