Rumours Fly as Stephanie Reginald Defends Sister Ama Amid Alleged Fallout with Hilda Baci

by Adeola Adeyeye
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A storm is brewing on the internet as Stephanie Reginald, sister of Ama Reginald, took to Instagram to address swirling rumors about her sister’s alleged fallout with Hilda Baci.

In a series of impassioned posts, Stephanie vehemently defended her sister against various accusations and clarified the nature of their relationship.

The crux of the matter revolves around rumors suggesting that Ama Reginald was involved with Hilda Baci’s boyfriend, leading to a rift between the two friends. However, Stephanie adamantly refuted these claims, asserting that her sister would never engage in such behavior. She dismissed the notion as baseless gossip and expressed frustration over the spread of unfounded rumours tarnishing her sister’s reputation.

Stephanie went further to debunk allegations that Ama Reginald uses jazz, emphasizing their family’s strong Christian values and denying any involvement in such practices. She stressed that her sister is not desperate for attention and urged others not to buy into sensationalized narratives.

Notably, Stephanie called out Hilda Baci for remaining silent amid the rumours, accusing her of failing to stand up for her friend. She questioned why Hilda had not addressed the accusations or defended Ama against the slanderous remarks circulating online.

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