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Saga Opens Up About Relationship with Liquorose

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Former BBNaija star and actor Saga has finally broken his silence about his relationship with fellow BBNaija star and dancer Liquorose, leaving fans and netizens buzzing with speculation.

In an interview with Timi Agbaje, Saga was asked about his relationship with Nini, which he dismissed with a laugh. However, when the topic shifted to Liquor Rose, Saga’s response was more intriguing. He claimed that he and Liquor Rose are married. When pressed further by Timi on whether their marriage was on-screen or off-screen, Saga asserted it was both, yet he later posted a laughing emoji in the comment section of Instablog9ja, suggesting he might have been joking.

The revelation has sparked various reactions online. One user, Loretta, commented,

To be honest, I did not like him with Nini. Nini seems like a very difficult person and her pepper body was too much. I love the chemistry between him and Rose. They should get married.” Vanessa Ongi added, “Saga is my type of guy. Him and Liquor Rose are a perfect match.”

Others, like Limay and Halisha, praised Saga’s looks, with Halisha noting,

Saga is the finest BBM male and Rose is one of the finest BBM females. Both of them would really fit.”

This isn’t the first time Saga’s relationships have drawn attention. In 2023, there were reports on a viral video of Saga proposing to Nini, which Saga later revealed was a skit, dispelling rumours of an actual engagement. This left fans who were hopeful for a Saga-Nini wedding disappointed, especially since Nini had consistently denied any romantic involvement with Saga despite his vocal admiration for her during their time in the Big Brother house.

Saga’s latest comments about Liquorose have reignited interest and debate about the nature of their relationship, with fans eagerly waiting for more clarity.

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