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Samklef Defends Wizkid Amidst Online Trolling- “Haters Should Be Ashamed”

by Adeola Adeyeye
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In response to ongoing online trolling, Afrobeat music producer Samklef, also known as Samuel Ogoanchuba, has defended his support for Wizkid, urging his critics to be ashamed of their actions.

Wizkid recently reposted one of Samklef’s tweets, prompting the producer to address the negativity surrounding his association with the superstar.

Despite facing criticism from netizens who doubt his ability to capture Wizkid’s attention, Samklef remains resolute in his support for the iconic musician. In a recent social media post, he condemned his detractors and emphasized Wizkid’s role in shaping the Afrobeat landscape, asserting that without Wizkid, many artists, including Davido, would not have gained prominence.

Samklef’s defense of Wizkid comes amid a backdrop of controversy surrounding a viral video shared by Wizkid, which depicted Davido in a compromising situation. Samklef weighed in on the controversy, attributing the existence of other Afrobeat artists to Wizkid’s influence.

However, tensions between Samklef and Davido escalated last year when Samklef posted a private video of Davido on social media, leading to a public falling out and subsequent unfollowing on social media platforms.

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