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Self-healing; a concept

by Monsurat Momoh
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To self-heal is an act of recovery, which usually hails from mental, emotional occurrences or trauma. Self-healing can also be physical but this is a little different from mental, emotional or trauma based healing.

The importance of self-healing is to acknowledge hurt and pain. Due to these two, it is easy for people to shut the world out or close up on people. They will then believe that emotions and everything relating to it will only cause pain and regrets. But in reality, pain and regrets are well-known and cannot be avoided.

To completely accept these negatives, self-healing is needed. Not healing sometimes signifies that you have not moved on. Let us be honest here, there is this burden you feel when you hold on to grudges or hate.

Self-healing is instinct based so one cannot be forced to heal. Instead, they are allowed to grow through various stages of grief and tears and even hate. You can hate that person who hurt you so much for as long as you can because only you knows how much it hurts and how you feel.

Understanding that self-healing exists is the reason for this article.  It can also be referred to as a form of therapy. Self-healing can be done through numerous forms.

  • Venting; this just refers to pouring out everything you feel. There are specified ways about it. Talking to your friends or any trusted person can help. You could call or reach out to whoever hurt you and yell whatever you feel. Letting it out and then letting it go is the importance of venting.
  • Implementing self-care into your daily routine
  • Sharing your story with others
  • Acknowledging your feelings
  • Setting standards
  • Admitting you need help; Needing help does not make you weak or less human. It is actually a very human thing to do.
  • Being vulnerable-

People have this fear that being vulnerable attracts bad people who will want to exploit them but the reality is, it does not matter. What is wrong with being vulnerable? You can feel whichever way for as long as you can.

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