Seun Kuti Declares Shallipopi as Nigeria’s Most Dangerous Rapper

by Adeola Adeyeye
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In a recent revelation, renowned singer Seun Kuti identified Shallipopi as the most dangerous rapper in Nigeria during a live video session.

He cited a specific lyric by Shallipopi that implied an inclination towards intimate encounters with women in relationships, warning that such remarks could incite trouble.

Seun Kuti elaborated on his assessment, expressing concern that Shallipopi’s lyrics could potentially lead to discord among friends if taken seriously. He cautioned against leaving Shallipopi alone with girlfriends, suggesting that his words carried significant weight and could provoke jealousy or suspicion.

This declaration comes amidst Seun Kuti’s track record of outspokenness on social issues. In a previous statement, he asserted that millionaires have more in common with the homeless than billionaires like Dangote, highlighting the vast wealth disparity in Nigeria.

Moreover, Seun Kuti has been a vocal advocate for victims of sexual abuse, referencing the case of Busola Dakolo, wife of musician Timi Dakolo, who faced skepticism and scrutiny after sharing her story.

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