Seun Kuti Speaks Out Against DNA Tests, Stresses Trust in Relationships

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Renowned artist Seun Kuti has once again taken to social media to voice his stance on DNA tests, emphasizing the issue of trust within relationships.

In a recent post, he asserted that when a man opts for a DNA test, it often signifies a lack of trust in his partner rather than genuine concerns about the child’s paternity.

Kuti went on to argue that fathers who have been actively involved in raising their children from birth to adulthood should not feel the need to request DNA tests. He stressed the importance of taking full responsibility for fatherhood without doubting the child’s lineage.

This viewpoint is consistent with Kuti’s previous statements on the matter. In a February 2024 interview with his wife, he reiterated his disbelief in DNA tests, stating his firm stance against cheating. Kuti emphasized that love should not be based on ownership and that even infidelity should not negate the love shared between partners.

The artist’s perspective has garnered attention and sparked debate among netizens, with some expressing surprise at his unconventional views on fidelity and relationships.

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