Snapchat Drama Unfolds as Angel Smith Claps Back at Vacation Inquiry with Sassy Remarks

by Adeola Adeyeye
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In a recent Snapchat escapade, Angel Smith, renowned for her sassy responses, caused a stir when responding to a curious inquiry about the sponsor behind her extravagant vacation abroad.

When a Snapchat user quizzed her about the man financing her getaway, Angel pointed the finger at the man’s dad and cheekily suggested he consult his mom for details about her man’s whereabouts. The banter took a heated turn as she casually labeled him a ‘broke loser.’

Undeterred, Angel continued her Snapchat tirade, expressing disappointment with men on the platform. She made it clear that she had no interest in their company, urging them to redirect their focus to their jobs, if they had any, while emphasizing her preference for engaging with women.

Venting about enduring consistent name-calling and slut-shaming from men, Angel challenged them to substantiate their accusations over the past three years.

This incident comes on the heels of Angel sharing a viral video flaunting her extravagant $8,000 villa during a solo retreat on vacation. The footage sparked widespread discussions, especially considering her complicated relationship with Soma, a fellow Big Brother Naija housemate.

Despite a history of social media follow-unfollow games, recent interactions between Angel and Soma suggest that their relationship might still be intact. Back in October, Soma, during an interview, had dropped a bombshell by choosing Angel over the tempting $120 million prize money from the reality show.

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