Social Media Activist VeryDarkMan Makes Bold Return Post-Prison, Draws Parallels to Jesus

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Social media activist VeryDarkMan has made a striking return to the online sphere with his first video post-prison.

In the video shared on his Instagram page, he donned a traditional Agbada attire and captioned it with “Google the Ratel,” acknowledging the creator of the outfit.

During the video, he reflected on his past confrontations and expressed a sense of defiance, suggesting that both he and his critics often perceive themselves as victims. Drawing a comparison to Jesus, he noted his release from prison on the same day Jesus rose from the dead, hinting at his resilience and determination to continue his activism.

With a trademark phrase, “they gon learn,” he signaled his intent to resume his previous activities with renewed vigor, despite the challenges he faced during his incarceration.

VeryDarkMan’s return has been met with widespread anticipation among his core fan base, who celebrated his release from prison. However, observers couldn’t help but notice his physical transformation, including unkempt hair and noticeable weight loss during his time behind bars.

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