Solomon Buchi, Life Coach, Defends His Love for Wife Again

by Adeola Adeyeye
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Solomon Buchi

Self-proclaimed life coach, Solomon Buchi,  is standing up against critics once again. This time, he is up against those who label him a “simp” for expressing his admiration for his wife, Adeola. In a recent Facebook post on Monday, May 22, Buchi proudly celebrated his wife’s beauty and style, unapologetically declaring his affection for her.

In response to those who question his masculinity, Buchi urged them to “go and cry in their alpha male coven.” He dismissed the notion that his love for his wife makes him any less of a man. He described those who criticize him as “crusty and shallow old men.” Further implying that their perspective is narrow-minded and lacking depth.

Buchi’s bold statement reflects his unwavering commitment to expressing his admiration and appreciation for his wife, despite societal expectations or judgments. He remains resolute in celebrating her beauty and style, embracing his role as a supportive partner.

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