Sports Betting: Know When To Stop

by Frederick Akinola
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Sports Betting

Sports Betting is now everywhere. There are adverts rolling on television, radio, magazines, and online. There’s definitely a betting shop on your street. It can be fun to play, especially for sports lovers. You can be very enthusiastic about predicting the outcome of a football game. But it can also become a huge problem, and cause problems for you. We are not going to claim the moral highroad and say betting is bad, don’t do it. No, who are we to say that? We can only reiterate the need to bet responsibly and know when to stop. Betting is like alcohol, when taken in moderation it can be enjoyable, but when abused can damage health and cause many other problems. See some ways sports betting can be bad for you:

 Negatives Of Sports Betting

It is addictive. Any game that is addictive can cause a lot of problems. It is difficult to quit. You will always tell yourself you can win. This has led a lot of people to dive head first into it, and it has affected marriages, caused businesses to crumble and sent a number of people from the city back to their villages. So what can you do to bet responsibly?

Know When To Stop

Set a limit that you can never go beyond. For example, some people have told themselves that they won’t spend more than 1,000 naira every week on Betting. Whether they win or not. This helps so that you do not use money meant for something else to bet when there’s no guarantee you will win.

Choose your Friends Wisely

If your friends are die-hard betters, they can have a bad influence on you. Therefore if you want to start betting responsibly, you might need to cut ties with some of your friends in order to build a level of self-control required to be responsible with betting.

There is no such thing as a Sure Game

Many people will tell you they are forecasters. And can predict games. You have telegram groups and so on who claim to give out sure games. Well done, Mr Forecaster. I hail thee. You’re good at forecasting. Why not win and better the lives of those in your family? Why are you selling games to people? Be careful.

You Don’t Have to Bet Every Week

Some people play bets every day. Habba Bro, it’s not a job. Take it easy. This life is not as hard as you think it is. Every week is too much. If you want to be in control of your desire to bet, try playing games every other week. That way, when you think it’s time to stop, you might just look forward and never turn back.

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